Northwest Thunderbird Totem < 1', carvings, northwest, totems
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Northwest Thunderbird Totem  < 1', carvings, northwest, totems Northwest Thunderbird Totem  < 1', carvings, northwest, totems Northwest Thunderbird Totem  < 1', carvings, northwest, totems

Northwest thunderbird totem

Item Number: Z234

Northwest cedar winged totem. Has been outside all its life. Now needs to be inside. 10'6". We left the moss and lichens as found. Could be removed. Remaining paint “just right.” Wings 5’ wide. Description: Totem #3: The style appears to be Mid-Coast or West Coast Style. There are 4 separate regions related to Northwest Coastal Art/Carving styles and techniques. Northern Style: The pre-dominant tribes in this area are Tlingit, Haida and Coast Tsimshian. Mid-Coast Style: The pre-dominant tribe is the Kwakwaka'wakw. West Coast Style: The pre-dominant tribes are the Nuu-chah-nulth and Makah on the Olympic Peninsula. South Coast Style: Comprised of the Coast Salish and many of the tribes in the Seattle and Portland area. Each of these styles have similar design elements; however, there are various strong and subtle differences that can help to identify them. The two northern styles, North Coast and Mid-Coast, tend to have more angular and dramatic features. The West Coast and South Coast styles tend to have softer features, and less dramatic angles and lines. Totem poles are read from the bottom to the top. In this totem, the base figures appears to be a wolf. This figure reveals the family was heavily involved with the sea, fisherman, perhaps the connection: the Indians believed the wolf was a whale who changed form so he could walk on land. The bear represents strength, motherhood and the guardian of salmon. Bears usually displayed with a wide mouth and sharp teeth. Then eagle, which represents intelligence and power. A superb hunter and a high ranking being. Both the strong beak structure and large eyes, the figure represents someone that had great vision or keen insight and was highly regarded. Because there are only three main figures on this pole, it could be a memorial pole to celebrate someone of importance.

PERIOD: Late 1900s

ORIGIN: Northwest US

SIZE: 10'6"'H; wings 5' wide

PRICE $ 15,000

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Northwest Thunderbird Totem

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